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    We enhance the work of HR and recruiters

About Us

Performa HRM, founded in 2016 by a consolidated group of companies in the IT and human resources sector, based in Vimercate, works with professionalism and passion for the development of HR software dedicated to the Human Resources. With an entrepreneurial approach, continuous investments and great passion for the customers we serve, Performa is committed to provide innovation through constant Research & Development and to the important feedback from our customers. The commitment to innovation-oriented design and development is the philosophy that Performa has transformed over time into a competitive strategy for the future.

We know the work of HR and recruiters

We reduce time for data-entry and low added value

Information management is the key element for our work

Our mission

We understand the market and what our customers need to maximize performances in their processes. Giving better tools to our target is crucial to the company's success. That's why Performa HRM is dedicated to develop HR software that enhance the work of Human Resources with the best technologies available. A technological support that does not cancel the role of the recruiter but that enhances his true value in the company.

HR - Our interlocutor

A collaborative work between Performa, recruiters and HR allows us to innovate and develop better our software for Human Resources and other company figures involved, such as the various BU managers or PM.We respond before others to the real needs of the Human Resources functions. Cloud technology supports the collaborative work of all the Human Resources staff, making the personnel management processes more efficient. We create synergies between precious supplier and customer that lead to become a trusted technology partner.

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Code, brand, ideas, inspiration... Our DNA

Innovative by nature, Performa never stops offering the distribution of releases and updates of its HR software often and constantly, making your work better, day after day.HR software for human resources with an innovative concept. The software architectures are distinguished by the "no more click" logic, allowing companies and organizations to optimize clicks and working time thanks to a studied user experience.

Our team - Performa HRM

Passionate about innovation

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