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    Follow the recruiting workflow

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Share the status of the recruiting process with your customers and suppliers

A shared virtual space to follow the entire process of selecting your final customer's staff. Notice board, calendar with booking interviews, drag-and-drop for the candidate's status, evaluation of the candidate selected through the Recruiting Card. AN ADD-ON TO BE ADDED TO YOUR PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION or already included in the TOP plan.

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Monitor the status of submitted applications

Through the shared space for recruiting the HR team can present the short list of candidates to the final customer, and follow in real time the final evaluation process.

Easy and intuitive to speed up everyone's work

Activate the Dataroom with one click. The customer receives an email with the credentials to access the shared area. A dataroom dedicated to the customer with area notes and booking interviews.

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Do not waste time in inefficient selections

A modern recruiting with tools that accelerate the customer evaluation phase and that makes immediate feedback on individual candidates. An intelligent tool to understand the real needs of the customer.

A shared space with your final customer

Have control of your tasks

Effective application monitoring will be possible thanks to the real-time display of the entire selection process.

Flexible management of CV

Parametric management of documents with the function of sending CV in anonymous or original format.

Intuitive selection funnel

A simple and intuitive selection process where to keep track of the candidate's funnel presented to the client. Two different Dataroom formats based on role (Recruiter, client)


Dataroom for recruiters

Share the DATAROOM of Performa Recuit with your customers.

A collaborative workspace to follow the entire recruiting process of your end customer. Notice board, calendar with booking interviews, drag-and-drop the candidate’s status, evaluation of the candidate selected through the Recruiting Card.

Dataroom for the final client

Invite your customer to evaluate a list of candidates placed comfortably in the project dataroom.

A complementary collaborative workspace of Performa Recruit where the customer, through drag-and-drop actions, can choose which candidate will be discarded or confirmed for an interview, through the various recruiting steps.

Evaluate the documents and CVs uploaded to the Recruiting Card, leave an evaluation, write a comment for the assigned recruiter.


What is the Recruiting Card?

It is the summary sheet of the candidate submitted in Dataroom.
The client can consult:

Reports and savings compliant with GDPR

Reports and charts for the customer. Evaluate the performance of your supplier or external recruiter, book interviews with your candidates and start the selection. The whole selection process is saved and tracked to comply with the new EU European Standard 2016/679 (GDPR).

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You have real-time feedback on the submitted candidates

Do not waste time on discarded projects

Reporting on client and commercial

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The software dedicated to the Search and Selection of Candidates that grows together with the HR departments of recruiting agencies and companies