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    Search and selection tools for IT skills

Is it hard for you to find professional IT figures?

The constant difficulty in finding adaptable developers and professionals in computer science undermines the HR departments of IT companies that work in outsourcing. Performa Recruit has activated dedicated tools to meet these search and selection needs. THE OUTSOURCING MODULE FOR ICT COMPANIES CAN BE INCLUDED THROUGH ADD-ON IN THE PREMIUM PLAN AND IS ALREADY PRESENT IN THE TOP PLAN.

The Outsourcing module dedicated to ICT includes 2 EXCLUSIVE features:

The visibility of a database with IT developers that grows everyday

Performa and Reteinformaticalavoro speed up the search process.

More than 100 new IT developers per week, visible and searchable from your Performa Recruit database.

Performa offers you an EXCLUSIVE CONNECTION with the web portal Reteinformaticalavoro.it. A job portal for the research of professionals in the IT field.

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Discover Reteinformaticalavoro.it,the vertical portal of IT job advertisements.il portale verticale di annunci informatici 

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Integrate with Reteinformaticalavoro.it for automatic multiposting

Performa Recruit allows the direct integration of the Reteinformaticalavoro.it portal as multiposting job board.


Overview of available skills

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outsourcing per aziende ICT profilo candidato

Buy your credits and download extra information from your candidates

Thanks to a validation and certification system of the information in the database, Performa is able to offer EXTRA INFORMATION, important for the pre-selection phase of IT developers.

– Save time in the pre-screening phase

– Use CREDITS to activate this service and display extremely interesting information for your pre-selection

We validate IT candidates  on a daily basis through accurate certification of the information
More than 30 extra data visible and downloadable directly from your Performa Recruit DB
HR employees specialized in the search and selection of IT personnel continuously contact and interview the daily users that enter the DB of Reteinformaticalavoro.it
In your Performa Recruit DB you will automatically see the certified candidates marked with a Green Stamp that will attest to the positive outcome of the validation.

DB Plus is part of the Outsourcing module for ICT companies that includes:

Reports and contribution margins

Job status and contribution margin charts. Keep under control this information to make business decisions and evaluate the commercials work.

Statistics and project performance

Statistics and data about projects opened by commercials. Exportable for candidates, projects, applications and customers.

CRM management of customers and suppliers

A CRM dedicated to Professional Services with visibility according to different Groups. Manage and export customer records, suppliers, leads and prospects.

Candidate Presentation Service

A B2B marketing automation service for the sending emails of professional profiles with immediate available skills. (COMING SOON)

Anonymous and customizable CV management

Parametric management of documents with the function of sending CVs in anonymous format.

Project management, rates and contracts

Detailed form for managing the rates on the different contracts and availability of candidates.

Candidate profile with the company brand

Do not waste time with poor performing suppliers

Integrated marketing tools

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