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A single HR software that performs your recruiting process

Performa Recruit is the ideal cloud recruiting software for every HR Department of recruiting agencies and growing companies who want to optimize the management of the collection and tracking phases of CVs, posting jobs through multiposting functions, an automatic loading and screening of CVs with a evaluation of candidates, until the proper appliant is hired.


Recruiting software: reasons to choose Performa Recruit

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It reduces recruiting time by automating processes

Using a recruiting software as Performa Recruit allows to reduce time, optimizing every single process of your company workflow, from CV screening, presentation and evaluation of the candidate’s workflow, up to recruitment and training in the company.

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Improve the level of your corporate employer branding

Performa Recruit helps to build and to improve the company’s employer branding. Increase the attractiveness of your brand thanks to the support of our recruiting software, Performa: it will be easier and faster to publish multiposting job ads and to increase your audience and followers with integrated Social Recruiting tools.

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Optimize the KPI management time

Performa Recruit is the ideal recruiting software to read and evaluate in real time the numbers of your selection, to optimize the process of search of candidates and to immediately obtain  important data that you can share with your team and company management.

Find the skills you need before your competitors, thanks to our Applicant Tracking System

The pressure to find, select and hire the best talent is challenging recruiters. The lack of qualified human resources in several sectors leads the HR Departments to reconsider the processes of research, selection and recruitment, starting from a reorganization of the tracking and screening of candidates’ CVs.

Time has actually become one of the worst enemies of recruiters.

With our recruiting software “Performa Recruit” you can optimize the search and selection time with results of great interest! Request your free 15-day Try & Buy version now.

"Information management is a key element in our work and, thanks to Performa Recruit, we found a complete product and a staff that followed us with flexibility and willingness to improve our processes: we actually did a great job together!"
Paolo Bergamaschi
CEO Cpl&Taylor
Every day we improve the recruiting processes of companies of any size

We support the digital transformation of growing companies that want to introduce, for the first time, intuitive computer tools for their selection of personnel.


Companies and agencies that are looking for a smarter and more flexible recruiting software to respond to the frequent company strategic changes.


Who need a high performing recruitment software, especially in the candidates CVs management and their selection process.


For those companies that are looking for new collaborative work tools that are more flexible and compatible with the new HR recruiters.


For the Professional Services sector to offer modern and innovative tools. An exclusive of Performa Recruit.


For all companies and recruiting agencies that need to develop customized modules.

Powerful online tools in continuous evolution

Recruiting software designed to simplify the CVs tracking until hiring.  

Attract the right candidates with your multiposting job ads

Performa Recruit is the Applicant Tracking System that allows the integration between multiposting job offers and a wide range of job boards, free and paide, in order to find a wider audience of candidates.

  • Posting on free aggregators and job boards

  • Posting on payment job boards

  • Posting on job boards and non-partner social networks (external sources)

  • Posting on the “Work with Us” page

Let your candidates have good memories of you

Is your CV collection too complicated? Do you receive many but incompatible applications? Performa Recruit has introduced intuitive and performing E-recruiting and Social Recruiting tools able to bring the company and its brand in web contexts outside the more traditional job search sites, looking for a new active and passive audience.

  • Response forms to the personalized ads

  • Sharing offers with followers and new targets

  • Applications via emailgate

  • Email service for candidates

Manage your database and find the right candidate

Manage your database and find the ideal candidate A modern recruiting starts from a new concept of centralized database architecture that allows you to have all the information just a click away. With the introduction of Performa's recruiting software, it will be easier to query the database and reduce pre-selection times with the list of "recommended" candidates. Everything is tracked and saved in detailed candidate profile cards with an intuitive and appealing design. A fundamental card that becomes the pivot of your whole selection process.

  • Centralized database: candidate and project

  • 5 research methods

  • Loading CV and self-filling of information

  • Full text analysis CV and automatic ranking

  • Labels / Tags

  • Elasticsearch

Schedule interviews, evaluate candidates

Performa Recruit is the recruiting software that redesigns the workflow management of the interview phase with modern tools for the development of the evaluating process and to compile a professional profile of the candidate during the interview and the post-interview. For an efficient recruiting that reduces the evaluation time of the interviewed candidates.

  • Shared schedule of interviews
  • Interview
  • Profile of the candidate

Communicate with the candidates of your database

With the Performa Applicant Tracking System you can directly involve the candidates of your database in the management and updating of the curriculum vitae with customizable email automation tools. It will always be easier to send scheduled emails to your candidates, receive automatic updates of skills, manage in a few clicks the new European regulation for the protection of privacy (GDPR) or simply send birthday wishes.

  • Privacy Tool (GDPR)
  • CV update
  • Email automation for candidates

Share the workflow for a non-stop recruiting

A software to search and select candidates completely in Cloud to offer a real collaborative environment where you can share processes and keep under control the status of an open project. Share your opinions about candidates directly on their profiles. Increase business employer branding with your colleagues. Create login and assign permissions based on roles.

  • Groups, users, authorizations
  • Sharing projects and processes
  • Reminders
  • Recruiting on the go

Recruiter & Local Recruiter: for a multi-level selection

Performa Recruit is the Applicant Tracking System that follows the evolution of recruiting inside and outside the company, adding the original role of the "Local Recruiter", HR local recruiters are authorized by the Recruiter or Manager to display and manage ONLY their selection process, from the publication of the job offer up to the recruitment.

  • Project opening and supervision of the Recruiter or Manager
  • Display and limited management of information
  • Autonomous creation of job announcements and responses
  • Autonomous selection of candidates
  • Presentation of candidates in Dataroom

Keep track of your recruiting performance

With Performa's recruiting software you will automatically have detailed data and reports to get a general picture of your database and recruiting's quality. Time to Hire values ​​and reports to check the performance levels of the whole team of selectors can give suggestions for changes in your recruiting by analyzing the various weekly, monthly or annual reports.

  • Dashboard and charts in real time
  • Time to Hire Performance

For a customized recruitment...

Performa Recruit offers additional HR modules and add-ons for your subscription plane

Unique and performant.

For the recruitment of professional services companies

A set of tools dedicated to companies that manage the search and selection of staff of outsourced professionals. Draw applications, select talents, manage your orders, analyze your contribution margins.

  • Exclusive tool of Performa Recruit
  • Module included in the TOP plan
  • Employer branding tool
  • Dedicated Dataroom (Coming soon)
recruiting software dataroom


To follow the workflow of your customer's selection

Share the DATAROOM of Performa Recuit with your customers. A collaborative workspace to follow the whole recruiting process of your final customer. Bulletin board, calendar with booking interviews, drag-and-drop the candidate’s status, evaluation of the selected candidate through the Recruiting Card, all in real time with your customer.

  • Exclusive tool of Performa Recruit
  • Save time in your selection
  • Tool to increase your company brand awareness
software recruiting training

Training module for certification of courses in the company

To achieve the employees and collaborators' training.

Performa Training is the complementary module of Performa Recruit to manage the training of employees, collaborators and freelancers. Useful to easily improve and organize training events.

  • Tool that can be integrated with Performa Recruit
  • Save time managing the training in the company
test psicoattitudinali

Psycho-Attitudinal Test Module

To know more about company's candidates and employees

A dedicated module to manage the administration of tests recognized at European level, from the most famous 15FQ +, to the SPI sales tests to evaluate commercials and sellers.

Tools for sending and receiving, managing and archiving psycho-aptitude tests for different uses: to evaluate a shortlist of final candidates or to know the potential of your employees to internally find particular skills before starting with a new recruitment.

  • List of psycho-attitudinal tests available, through credits
  • Basic or deep reporting according to your needs
The security of your data is our mission!

Our systems are hosted in Tier 3 Server Farm located in Italy that guarantees 99.982% availability throughout the year. The data is protected by SSL encryption for internet traffic and within the Server Farm by a double layer of NAT / FIREWALL to create an effective DMZ. Daily backups of data and virtual machines guarantee from accidental loss of data.

To guarantee the disaster recovery, the backups are replicated in the second site of the Server Farm located more than 200Km from the first. The reliability and security of the infrastructure are such as to ensure compliance with the requirements of the current Privacy legislation and to comply with the GDPR which will come into force on the 25th of May 2018.

We are always connected to our customers!!
We support the companies with a fast and punctual customer service to meet every need, doubt or request for information about our HR software for human resources. A continuous dialogue thanks to the internal chat that allows adequate support during work. Our support chat is active from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.
Scalable architecture software with your business!

Our Performa Recruit applicant tracking system was developed to be scalable, according to business needs.

We always think about the next release!

Performa deeply believes in R & D. Thanks to our team of developers and the passion for the “binary code” we are always looking
for new features to add in the releases planned for our customers.

The software dedicated to the Search and Selection of Candidates that grows together with the HR departments of recruiting agencies and companies