Charts and reports: check performances of your recruiting
  • Charts and Reports

    Check performances to improve your recruiting strategies.

grafici e report schermata

Check your performance to improve your recruiting strategies.

Keep yourself updated on hiring with real-time dashboards and smart reports. Identify bottlenecks and devise a strategy to optimize the recruitment process. Generate custom reports and stay organized with recruitment data.

+ 70%

Save time on reporting


time for the selection and recruitment process

+ 15

standard charts are already present

Dashboard and charts in real time


Information on the subscription, the number of projects, candidates and employees hired. Keep track of the interviews planning thanks to the shared calendar with the entire recruitment team. Charts and reports to check and evaluate the status of “health” of the database, analyzing skills, age and other data.

  • View statistics on recruitment data in real time
  • Get detailed information in just a few clicks
  • Identify and solve problems with strategy changes.

of Time to hire

The Time to Hire metric is a very important data to evaluate the efficiency of each person’s opened selection process. Evaluating the time of opening and closure of a project has become essential and vital for most of the HR Departments in the general management of the company. With a recruiting software like Performa Recruit it will be possible to answer questions from the internal management..

  • Data reading simplicity
  • In real time

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