CV Database: manage your candidates' information
  • CV Database: manage the candidates' information

    Upload, analyze and query your candidate database

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A powerful proprietary algorithm for searches and results in real time

The CV database is of fundamental importance for recruiters or HR: managing the information of every single candidate and keeping track of the CVs through a tracking process, will support every HR team in the selection of the ideal candidate.

Receive applications from multiple sources, create your own cv database in a short time, manage the selection phases until you hire the right candidate for your business.


Time spent in loading and filling in the candidate's data

+ 75%

Information that can be consulted simultaneously

+ 45%

Redemption of applications

Centralized database: candidates and projects

The set of E-recruiting and Social recruiting tools by Performa Recruit help companies to quickly build an ordered and easy-to-read curriculum database. A CV database with an innovative user experience that allows you to search and find the information you need in real time. A parameterization of the information managed by the individual user/recruiter.

Start your selection and open up your project. The opening of projects is the starting point of the whole recruiting process. Performa Recruit helps recruiters in creating a selection method, with a specific organization for each project, based on the job description and the client. Track the status of your recruiters’ team projects: open and close the project to draw up time to hire charts and performance reports.

  • Choose the subscription plan based on the capacity of your candidate database

  • Quick access to candidate’s skills and information 

  • Quick links between candidate, project and client

Manage candidate information

Performa Recuit offers three important ways of displaying candidates’ information. A complete and summary sheet of the recruiting activity of a given candidate, which is fundamental to visualize the general situation on your database, with history, updates, uploaded documents, companies and related projects, interviews, candidate’s profile. A second way of displaying information with more than 16 candidate management and application forms. And finally, the quick view of the candidate’s original CV.

  • Information linked to each other, to make navigation between data easy
  • Feedback and reviews from the HR team
  • Parameterizable candidate states
5 research methods

Performa Recruit supports database queries with precise search tools and real-time answers. Different levels of research to narrow down the choice to a short list of candidates to interview. And if you need special geographical requirements, the geolocation of skills will help you to focus your energies on the chosen geographical area.

  • Search tools with more than 30 advanced filters
  • List of Candidates recommended based on the ranking of skills
  • Filter with competence weight management
Loading CV and autocompleting fields

We think it is important to reduce the time of pre-screening of the CVs received. The automatic CV loading function, combined with the self-compilation of a lot of information in the profile sheet, optimizes the time requested for data entering. Less time for data-entry phases leads to a higher level of efficiency.

  • Automate 60% compilation of the profile in the CV database
  • More time to spend on other selection phases
  • Data entry reduction
Full text CV analysis and automatic ranking

Performa allows you to work with different formats of curriculum by accepting files such as PDF, HTML DOCX and DOC. The freedom to use and read this type of format allows to respond accurately to the various questions of the recruiter, giving high percentages of matching between research and skills required in the job description.

You can shorten the time necessary for the pre-screening phase by selecting a list of suitable candidates, in real time, based on the relevance of skills and information. Your list of recommended candidates will be organized by automatic ranking.

  • Loading and analyzing the CVs in real time
  • Searches of skills in the CV Database and contained in the candidate’s cv
  • Simple / advanced search and relevance
  • Quick results, in line with your job description
  • Filters to customize the “weight” of the skills you are looking for
  • Work immediately with a shortlist of selected candidates
  • Geolocation of skills
Labels / tags

Create and manage the candidate database and categorize them by assigning labels or tags. Useful for tagging and assigning tasks to your HR team leaving “memos” of customizable reminders.

  • Enhance the filters
  • Categorize candidates
  • Leave a note to your HR Team on a specific candidate

Thanks to the integration with ElasticSearch, Performa Recruit improves its query speed within the database. The analysis of the CVs inside the database is done in real time with a considerable saving of time. A performing tool that fulfills the needs of companies and recruiting companies with huge CV database.

  • Quick queries and fast answers even on large amounts of data and CVs analyzed
  • High performance in continuous improvement
  • Reliable and professional integrations

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