Methods for Employer Branding, increase your business reputation
  • Give a boost to your Employer branding

    Make the candidates remember you positively

strumenti di employer branding

Increase the value of your brand to receive more applications

Increase your company's Employer Branding by giving candidates a positive selection experience. Wink at the new generations looking for a job, be present in their favorite social networks, create custom forms to simplify their application and make the selection funnel more flexible and faster.

You will be able to share job advertisements with the followers of your social pages, create customized application forms according to the position you are looking for.

+ 68%

of followers on your social pages


of candidates appreciates a response from the companies about the recruiting status

+ 54%

faster applications

Custom response forms

Giving value to the company brand has now become essential to have attractive candidates interested in your ads. The employer branding tools of Performa Recruit will support you in the various development activities of your brand. Design your application form following the pre-screening needs present in the job description or in the search and selection project, with a parametrized management of the input fields.

  • Each recruiter can independently parameterize the module based on his research
  • A linear application leaves good memory in the candidate
  • Profiles saved directly in DB

Sharing job ads with followers and new targets

Publishing automatically on the main social channels allows you to communicate directly with your followers and those who are interested in your brand. An excellent starting point for enhancing your brand and communicating your vision and mission. With Employer Branding tools, Performa Recruit allows you to share your ads quickly and easily via postings on the main social channels, giving a nod to the new generations of Millennials.

  • Publish on the main platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • A quick application leaves a good memory
  • Profiles saved directly in DB

Applications through emailgate

Making applications easier and faster often helps to attract a great amount of them.

Performa Recruit offers you an "emailgate" tool dedicated to your account. Invite your potential candidates to send the CV directly in PDF or Word format. Tracking and uploading of the CV directly from your company database will be automatic.

  • Profile immediately saved in DB
  • It supports standard PDF, doc, docx formats
  • Excellent tool to upload large quantities of CVs

Email service for candidates

A  new Performa Recruit tool to create and manage sending email marketing by segmenting your DB as a communication function. One of the most powerful Employer branding tools to keep an open line of communication with candidates.

  • No more marketing automation tools needed
  • Integrated email templates
  • Communication tool to give feedback to the candidates.

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