Training Software: the module to manage the training in your company
  • Training Software

    The tools you need to manage training in your company

Improve the skills in your company

Performa Training is the complementary module that allows you to manage the training of your employees, collaborators and freelancers and to plan training events. The module manages training and certification requirements for each employee in an easy-to-use environment.

Manage ratings and timetables

Organize sessions and evaluate the participants

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Employees reporting

Configurations include:

Centralized database

For collaborators, employees and freelancers. Access to unlimited users. Users management based on role.

Shared calendar between HR users to plan and organize training courses.


Real time plans about a single employee or a group of employees and collaborators. You can export them in CSV and PDF format.

Employees document management

Save and schedule collaborators and employees documents

Import / Create employees profiles

Employee profiles contain all the information and documents relevant for the company. Manage the history of the courses performed and scheduled by your employees. Divide your emplyees in groups according to the job position or business function or groups created by the HR team.

Search and manage the training of your employees

Upload all employee or collaborator documents for an integrated training management with the employee data.

Reports to monitor the company training

Advanced reports to manage the company training numbers and graphs. Customizable with filters for a detailed analysis on employees, courses, performances, etc.

Every day we improve the recruiting processes of companies of any size
External consultants and HR interviewers

For those companies that are looking for new collaborative work tools that are more flexible and compatible with the new HR recruiters.

Companies with an already computerized recruiting

Companies and agencies that are looking for a smarter and more flexible recruiting software to respond to the frequent company strategic changes.

Companies with personalized needs

For all companies and recruiting agencies that want to develop customized modules. Do you have an idea?

Growing companies

We support the digital transformation of growing companies that want to introduce, for the first time, intuitive computer-based tools for their own selection of candidates.

System Integrator

For the Professional Services sector to offer modern and innovative tools. An exclusive Performa.

Recruiting companies

Who need a high performing recruitment software, especially in the candidates CVs management and their selection process.

It provides a snapshot of the training situation of your company

It reduces the manual processes to minimise the risks of errors

It keeps the employee informed

The security of your data is our mission!

Our systems are hosted in Tier 3 Server Farm located in Italy that guarantees 99.982% availability throughout the year. The data is protected by SSL encryption for internet traffic and within the Server Farm by a double layer of NAT / FIREWALL to create an effective DMZ. Daily backups of data and virtual machines guarantee from accidental loss of data.

To guarantee the disaster recovery, the backups are replicated in the second site of the Server Farm located more than 200Km from the first. The reliability and security of the infrastructure are such as to ensure compliance with the requirements of the current Privacy legislation and to comply with the GDPR which will come into force on the 25th of May 2018.

We are always connected to our customers!!

We support the companies with a fast and punctual customer service to meet every need, doubt or request for information about our
HR software for human resources. A continuous dialogue thanks to the internal chat that allows adequate support during work.

Our support chat is active from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

Scalable software architecture with your business!

Our Performa Recruit applicant tracking system has been developed to be scalable, to “grow” according to business needs.

We always think about the next release!

Performa deeply believes in R & D. Thanks to our team of developers and the passion for the “binary code” we are always looking
for new features to add in the releases planned for our customers.

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